Lenses Technovision 1.5X Anamorphics

Zooms and Primes - Future Proof - Maximize 16:9 Image Capture

The TECHNOVISION 1.5X series of anamorphic lenses are available in two different zoom sizes as well as our newly announced TECHNOVISION 1.5X Prime series made up of a 40mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm and 135mm focal length.The TECHNOVISION 1.5X anamorphic lenses are ideal for 16:9 image sensor capture by making use of the whole sensor. This benefits the filmmaker in capturing the best possible digital negative with the least necessary cropping, if any, in post production. In other words, you get an anamorphic image into a 16:9 frame with all the inherent benefits of the anamorphic look.


Future Proof

All of the TECHNOVISION series of 1.5X anamorphic zooms and primes feature outstanding optical performance and engineering, along with a large image circle. This means your lenses are ready for both Super35mm and for use with emerging larger sensors. This large image circle means it will more than cover the most common image sensors today at all focal ranges with no vignetting. In fact, at the zoom's 70mm focal range you can completely cover the Arri 65 camera image sensor. The TECHNOVISION 1.5X series of lenses come standard in PL mount with options for a variety of other standards with our innovative IMS - Interchangeable Mount System.


Genuine Anamorphic Character

The CS refers to Cinemascope which is an old classic wide screen anamorphic presentation. We use our CS to describe a wide screen anamorphic lens for use in 16:9 which includes all the classic properties associated with front based anamorphics such as unique bokeh, nicely formed flares, pincushion distortion, shallower depth of field and a superior wide angle of view.
Anamorphic origination has made a huge comeback and our unique TECHNOVISION 1.5X anamorphic series are meeting this demand, says the founder of P+S TECHNIK, Alfred Piffl. The TECHNOVISION 1.5X series of anamorphic zooms and primes lenses are a competitively priced investment for today and tomorrow.


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