• PS-Zoom 18-35PS-Zoom 18-35
  • IMS lens mount adapterslens mount adapters
  • PS-Rehoused Super Baltar lensesBausch & Lomb Super Baltars
  • PS-Zoom 18-35PS-Zoom 18-35
  • for your 35mm zoom lensesfor your 35mm zoom lenses
  • for your Birdcage A7 or GH4for your Birdcage A7 or GH4
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Greetings from P+S Technik

18.12.2015 11:50

We would like to take the upcoming holidays as an opportunity to thank you for the pleasant and trustful cooperation in 2015 and during the past 25 years.

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Birdcage Pro / Pro-S for Sony A7SII/A7RII available

11.12.2015 11:20

The new BirdCage PRO and PRO-S by LockCircle are innovative professional cages designed to fit like a glove around the latest mirrorless Sony A7RII and A7SII cameras featuring the exclusive LockCircle “Asymmetrical Design Approach” for right hand camera grabbing and control with the original camera ergonomic feeling.

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[PS-News] Optic News 5

02.12.2015 11:13

In 2015 P+S Technik delivered the first serial rehoused vintage Schneider Cine Xenar and Cinegon lenses. The first 5 sets went directly onto feature film sets and we are sure that those vintage lenses will be very much liked.

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Hot Deals - Silent Auction Used Equipment 2015

16.11.2015 10:08

this month you can purchase selected used Equipment through a Silent Auction. You offer what you want to pay and the highest bid will win. We accept bids until Sunday, November 22nd.

Good Luck!

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New LockPort A7M2 for Sony A7RII and Sony A7SII available

12.11.2015 11:56

The innovative LockPort A7M2 by LockCircle protects definitely the fragile output on your Sony A7RII and A7SII cameras from tough production abuse and saves the "expensive to repair" mini HDMI port on your camera.

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