• PS-Zoom 18-35PS-Zoom 18-35
  • IMS lens mount adapterslens mount adapters
  • PS-Rehoused Super Baltar lensesBausch & Lomb Super Baltars
  • PS-Zoom 18-35PS-Zoom 18-35
  • for your 35mm zoom lensesfor your 35mm zoom lenses
  • for your Birdcage A7 or GH4for your Birdcage A7 or GH4
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New Products at IBC 2015

08.09.2015 08:44

We are looking forward to meet you at IBC 2015 in a few days!

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Kish Xpander - summer special

22.07.2015 11:20

Large sensor sizes create beautiful images, but they can also pose problems without the 

right equipment. By attaching the Xpander Lens to your cinema lenses, you can now enjoy full scale ability to shoot with large sensors including 6K without compromising focal length capability.

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PS-Zoom 18-35 - Pre-Order Now

16.07.2015 09:18

We proudly presented the new spherical, short PS-Zoom 18-35 at NAB 2015.
The first PS Zooms 18-35 are delivered end of this month. We now accept pre-orders for the September and October batch.

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BoomBooster for Birdcage available

15.07.2015 10:53

LockCircle BoomBooster, the “freestyle agility” grip handle for Birdcage A7/GH4 system.
The BoomBooster is the lastest LockCircle addition to the popular Birdcage modular production system available for the Sony A7 (soon A7R II) and Lumix GH4 series. 

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PS-Hot Deals Mai 15 - Vintage Lens Offer

29.05.2015 09:00

we are excited to offer you a variety of used vintage lenses of which most are in good condition or have been recently serviced.

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