[PS-News] Optic News 12 - PS-Zoom 35-70 CS


PS-Zoom 35-70 CS, 35-70mm Zoom, cinemascope, Full-Frame, t3.2


PS-Zoom 35-70 CS - the Lens with Character

Since the product launch P+S Technik is proud of its lens with character. Several projects have been realized with the lens. Cinematographers make their choice and work with the PS-Zoom 35-70 CS.

[PS-News] Optics News 11 – Rehousing Leica-R lenses


leica-r rehousing of p+s technik für Elmarit-r, summilux-r,summicron-r, 19mm, 24mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 80mm, 90mm, 100mm, 135mm, 180mm

Cine Rehousing for iconic Leica-R lenses

The name “Leica” is closely linked to the beginning of film making. Leica lenses are iconic for photographers. The 24x36 Leitz/Leica format was developed from the silent movie format. The digital cinematography broke the limits of this format. The mix of different sensor sizes can be a stylistic element. The “Full Frame” format 24x36 as sensor size is available and affordable.

[PS-News] Optics News 10 – Rehousing Canon K-35


Rehousing for Lenses with Floating Elements achieved

[PS-News] Cage 6300NY by LockCircle


New LockCircle Cinematic Production Cage 6300NY for Sony a6300 4K cameras!

[PS-News] Optic News 9 – P+S Technik announces second Cinemascope Zoom at this year’s CineGear Expo.


The new 70-200mm anamorphic zoom complements the readily available 35-70mm zoom lens of the Munich-based cine equipment manufacture.

P+S Technik

P+S Technik

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The Munich-based manufacturer of professional film equipment offers professional lens re-housing, CinemaScope zoom lenses, interchangeable lens mounts. Further award-winning P+S Technik products are the Skater Scope, Skater Dolly, T-Rex, Weisscam, Pro35.
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IBC 2016, Amsterdam

Sep 9, 2016 - Sep 13, 2016

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cinec 2016, München

Sep 17, 2016 - Sep 19, 2016

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