"Gold" at Cannes Corporate Award for Resclite Pro clip shot on TECHNOVISION lenses by P+S TECHNIK


German DoP Janis Willbold was one of the first to shoot on P+S TECHNIK TECHNOVISION Classic 1.5X 50mm lens when producing a clip for Zumtobel Lighting GmbH.

Zumtobel / RESCLITE PRO from Janis Willbold on Vimeo.

The clip emphasizes the advantages of using the Zumtobel's Resclite Pro lighting system in case of emergency. At the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards the film was now rewarded with Gold in the category Marketing Communication B2B. P+S TECHNIK wants to congratulate director Max Buck and DP Janis Willbold on their creative use of our TECHNOVISION Classic 1.5X lenses. Our interview with cameraman Janis Willbold about his experiences shooting with P+S TECHNIK TECHNOVISION Classic lenses can be found on Vimeo.

cinecAward 2018 for P+S TECHNIK LensChecker


During the 12th International Trade Fair Cine Equipment and Technology (cinec) 2018 the P+S TECHNIK LensChecker (developed in cooperation with StarKISH) was honored with a cinecAward.

cinecAward 2018 for LensChecker

Among 35 nominees in the field of film technology the jury of CineTechnik Bayern e.V. association awarded P+S TECHNIK (besides eight other laureates) during a ceremony on Sunday 23 September in Munich. Andreas Dasser and Sadhvani Kish, the inventors of the LensChecker, received the price together with Anna Piffl, CEO, P+S TECHNIK.

“After the first presentation of our LensChecker at IBC and cinec 2016 we quickly realized the industry’s need for a small and portable lens testing tool with exemplars of the LensChecker being shipped all around the world”, as Andreas Dasser, head of R&D, stated on Sunday. “The cinecAward finally acknowledges our passion for innovation as the LensChecker was upon its release the first of its kind”, he followed.

The LensChecker is a small, compact and mobile tool to evaluate lenses by projection without having access to a fully equipped optics service department. It supports a wide range of different lens mounts such as Arri LPL, Arri PL, BNC-R, B4, C-Mount, Canon EF, Canon FD, Leica M, Leica R, Nikon F and Panavision.

The LensChecker has been developed in cooperation with StarKish and is manufactured at P+S TECHNIK in Ottobrunn, Germany.

P+S TECHNIK trade fair news in Sepember 2018


New products at IBC 2018 and cinec 2018

IBC 2018 is over and we presented a variety of new products in Amsterdam. If you didn't have the possibility to attend IBC Show, take the chance to meet us at cinec 2018 starting Saturday 22 September in Munich at the MOC. We'll be present at our booth 3-A65-1 until Monday 24 September.

Firstlight Evolution 2X 32mm
We are proud to present the first beautiful images of the wide angle Evolution 2X 32mm lens:

The Evolution 2X lenses are matching the vintage KOWA Anamorphics. The Evolution 2X lenses are probably the most compact anamorphic cine lenses on the market and consist of the original four focal lengths 40, 50, 75 and 100mm. To expand the creative potential of filmmakers around the world we added one wide angle 32mm lens as well as a tele 135mm lens which were both presented at IBC Show 2018.

Firstlight Evolution 2X 135mm
Interested in seeing the first images being made with our Evolution 2X 135mm lens? Take a look at our Firstlight video on Vimeo:

TECHNOVISION Classic 70-200mm 1.5X anamorphic Full Frame Zoom
In 2015 we released our first anamorphic zoom which is now followed by a tele 70-200mm zoom. Both zooms are part of the TECHNOVISION Classic series with an anamorphic squeeze factor of 1.5X and are compatible with Super 35 as well as Full Frame cameras.

TECHNOVISION Classic 100mm
1.5X Full Frame Anamorphic

In addition to our TECHNOVISION Classic zooms we have presented anamorphic primes starting with the 100mm T3.0 lens.

TECHNOVISION Classic lenses on ARRI Alexa LF camera
If you're interested in evaluating the optical quality of our TECHNOVISION Classic 1.5X series, have a look at our show reel on Vimeo:

Anamorphic Lens Booklet

The world of anamorphics can be sometimes confusing. To provide some clarity for filmmakers being interested in shooting anamorphic, we gathered the most important facts covering the subject and present it to you in a booklet which you can either obtain from us at our cinec booth or via our download section:

New Asseccories for the LensChecker


Der LensChecker von PSTECHNIK

NEW: More accessories available for the LensChecker

Now P+S TECHNIK is offering more possibilities to adjust the LensChecker with a lot of new accessories. With this you have a new option of usage and can individualize your LensChecker. Have a look in our online shop, what of the new accessories would help you to check your lenses.

PSTECHNIK online shop discover now


KOWA Anamorphic Evolution lenses by P+S TECHNIK based on original optical design


KOWA Evolution lenses

P+S TECHNIK, world leader for rehousing and servicing lenses, announce the remake of the vintage KOWA Anamorphic lenses.

Sample lens is on display at Cine Gear Expo 2017, booth 83. The P+S TECHNIK Anamorphic Evolution lenses are based on the original optical design of the KOWA Anamorphic and the P+S TECHNIK's sturdy, but rehousing for KOWA Anamorphic lenses.

The original KOWA Anamorphic prime lenses have been produced until the 1970s and usually for four different primes are available: 40mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm. We got the feedback that the original focal range is limited so we added two additional focal length, a wide-angle and a telephoto 135mm, which match the Look of the original set. So we named them Evolution lenses. says Alfred Piffl, founder of P+S TECHNIK and continues We aim to offer the cinematographer professional products to tell stories - (e)motion pictures - whether published on silver screen, television or video stream. CinemaScope or wide screen is a wonderful format visualizing stories.     


P+S TECHNIK - The Professional Cine Equipment Manufacture


We are your Optic Partner for Exceptional Images

We are a Munich-based manufacturer of professional cine equipment. We offer high-quality products such as anamorphic lenses, professional cine lens rehousing, anamorphic zoom lenses, interchangeable lens mounts and adapters. With a P+S TECHNIK rehousing, your lens can be used as a modern and professional cine lens.

With more than 27 years of experience in the business our employees can assist and help you with their expert skills.

Our Motivation

We have a passion for innovations in the field of cinematography. We are fascinated by exceptional pictures. With our cine lenses such as TECHNOVISION Classic and the Evolution2X anamorphic lenses we make a contribution to the “world of moving pictures”. Our award-winning products like the Skater Scope, the Skater Dolly, the T-Rex, the Weisscam or the image converter PRO35 are used by cinematographers and their crews all over the world.

Want to know more? Contact us by phone or email.



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