With 30 years of knowledge and engineering in the field of cinematography we offer services for vintage and cine lenses.

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Surface polishing

Not only vintage lenses, but also new lenses are likely to get surface scratches. P+S Technik is specialized in lens restoration and recovery. In most cases this damage can be perfectly restored with our service. Polishing is performed with special tools for each particular diameter (up to 100mm).


Damages of the surface itself (deep scratches) cannot be restored by polishing only. The surface needs to be grinded before polishing. Most precise grinding heads are used. After grinding a polishing process will be performed.

Glass cementing (spherical)

Cemented elements of optical systems get damaged as soon as the cement dissolves. The optical performance of such damaged lens groups is heavily affected. In such cases we need to disassemble the cemented element, remove the cement, clean, readjust and re-glue the parts.


After the glass is polished it will get the original coating. Lenses manufactured before 1970 typically had a single layer coating. Lenses manufactured later have multi-layer coating. The element can stay without coating (flare lens) – protective coating is required.


Some vintage glasses have been used for decades and have a yellow tone – this comes from radioactive decay of Thorium glass. This glass was used by Cooke and other manufacturers till the 70 ́s. We can decolorize these yellow glasses in many cases – from light yellow up to white again. It will maintain quality for minimum 5 years before discoloration starts again.

Glass analysis

If you need a re-coating for an unknown lens element or a reproduction of a lens element in case of damage, we need to analyze the chemical composition first.

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