2020     30 years company anniversary. Start of series production of the TECHNOVISION 1.5X primes and zoom lenses.

2019     Company founder Alfred Piffl sadly and unexpectedly passed away. Gerhard Baier joined the company in the management board.

2018     Launch of the modern version of the famous TECHNOVISION anamorphic lenses. The new TECHNOVISION 1.5X anamorphic lenses are designed to cover the larger sensors of cameras such as the Sony Venice, RED Monstro and the ARRI Alexa LF.

2017     Company founder Alfred Piffl handed over the management of the company to his daughter Anna Piffl and his long-term business partner and head of development Andreas Dasser. Launch of the Evolution 2X anamorphic lenses at NAB 2017.

2016      Launch of the first lens, designed from scratch, the 35-70 anamorphic 1.5X zoom lens, which was designed to offer a future proof, anamorphic lens solution to filmmakers working with 16:9 or Full Format (24x36) sensors.

2012      P+S TECHNIK was approached to design a compact rehousing for the vintage Cooke Speed Panchro lenses and over several years hundreds of historic Panchro lenses have been rehoused by the Munich based manufacturer.

2009     Launch of the new WEISSCAM HS-2 MKII. It was the only standalone Super35 CMOS sensor multi-purpose high speed camera available in the market.

2008     P+S TECHNIK started the production of the SteadyFrame. As a new state-of-the-art digital film scanner for scanning great quantities of 16 mm and 35 mm archive film stock in brief time at a high quality without harming the film material. It also has the capability for other - even exotic - formats.

2007    Launch of the SI-2K Digital Cinema Camera, in cooperation with Silicon Imaging. The SI-2K and SI-3D Camera Systems are full 2K resolution 2/3 CMOS single sensor acquisition for 2D and s3D cinematography. The SI-2K became well-known as the camera of choice for the feature Slumdog Millionaire which received 8 Oscars and DP Anthony Dodd Mantle, ASC won the Oscar for Best Cinematography for his work for the movie.

2005     The WEISSCAM HS-1, the first camera of P+S TECHNIK, was developed in cooperation with DP Stefan Weiss. The digital high-speed camera is suitable for extreme slow-motion picture in commercial and sport takes.

2004     The SKATER® Mini dolly was launched and following the ideas of Director / DP Sebastian Cramer a whole product family has been continuously developed. The SKATER® product family was completed that year with the SKATER Scope, the most compact snorkel lens system on the market and one stop faster than the T-Rex SuperScope. Andreas Dasser joined Alfred Piffl as managing director.

2002      Start of the very first lens rehousing project. The rehoused Zeiss ZF still photography lenses were marketed as 35Digital lenses with geared focus rings as a perfect companion of the famous Mini35 and Pro35 image converters.

1999     Based on the launch of the Canon XL1, the first small camcorder with detachable lens image converters represented the fusion of classical 35mm film lenses and video recording. With the development of these products P+S Technik influenced decisively the transformation to the digital film.

1996      Launch of the first optical lens system, a complex snorkel and borescope system, the T-Rex SuperScope.

1993     P+S Technik entered the international market and focused on refurbishing existing camera technology with a concentration on film movement systems and pan-able optical view-finders.

1990     The company was founded by Alfred Piffl and Zlatko Spajic.