TECHNOVISION 1.5X AproXima – Large Format – Fast – Close

It is a unique set of anamorphic close focus lenses, consisting of the 4 focal lengths 40, 50, 75 and 100mm.

The close focus is just stunning, it goes from 1'2" (75mm, 100mm) and 1'7"(40m, 50mm) to infinity. Wide open T-stop at T2.2 (40mm, 50mm) and T2.5 (75mm, 100mm). Front diameter is 156mm.

The anamorphic elements are placed in the front to achieve the unique anamorphic bokeh, fascinating lens flares, and create a perfect balance of modern and nostalgic character. Lower contrast and deliberate flares define the lens character.

Large format anamorphics, fast and close – TECHNOVISION 1.5X AproXima!


Focal LengthT-StopCFD (Closest Focusing Distance)Weight
40mm T 2.20.51'7"3,06,7
50mm T 2.20.51'7"3,27,0
75mm T 2.50,36 1'2"4,08,8
100mmT 2.50,36 1'2"4,810,5