At P+S Technik, we are committed to sustainable production processes. We continue our passion for innovation and produce as environmentally friendly as possible.

Since February 2011, we have been producing our own electricity using a photovoltaic system, which is located on the roof of the company building. With 30,000 to 35,000 kWh, we cover about one third of our needs.


The company's energy consumption has been significantly reduced using modern facilities and adapted production strategies. We develop and use devices that generally consume less power. We rely on local companies for our supplies.


To minimize energy consumption, we have developed groups of housings whose components can be used for different lenses.

Using these standards, we build a foundation that meets the need of film productions to preserve the diverse historical selection of lenses. Our rehousing is reliable and future-proof. In this way, we extend the lifetime of these products by a multiple, while at the same time making access to repairs easier.


We pay close attention to the separation of waste. In particular, the oil and material waste, which are specially disposed of so that they can be recycled. Metal chips that are produced by the milling and turning machines are sorted and remelted.

Cartons in which goods have been delivered are reused, provided they are stable enough. As filling material, we use foam flakes from compostable raw materials, the package is then closed with paper-based adhesive tape.


For the future, we are working hard to reduce the use of plastic, to use machine heat for our hot water system, as well as to print climate-neutrally.

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