Optica Magnus

Anam. module 1.9X for OPTICA MAGNUS Full-Frame-Finder

Item number OM-FFF-1.9X

Delivery time upon request

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General Information:

  • Compatible for all S35, FF, VV and LF sensor formats up an Image diameter of 46,31mm,
  • Interchangeable lens mounts with IMS:
    Use the P+S IMS mounts to make your viewfinder workable for up to 8 different lens mounts.
  • Spherical and anamorphic module easy to exchange::
    Unscrew cap with 4 screws, replace a module, screw-down cap,
  • Anamorphic modules available with 1.5X and 1.9X de-squeeze:
    We chose 1.9X squeeze, because this covers 1.8X and 2.0X,
    Customized anamorphic modules are available on request,
  • Lightweight and extreme bright system (minimum light loss),
  • Ergonomically designed Pivoting Handle Grip for Counterbalance,
  • Adjustable eyepiece diopter,
  • Revolutionary Ground Glass System with Acetate slides:
    Create your customized Frame Lines by using a provided app and print this on Acetate slides,
  • Eyepiece changeable for Super35 and Full Format view,
  • Video assist system:
    Comes in HD.

Shipping Information:

  • Spherical unit: on request
  • Anamorphic module: on request
  • Eyepiece for Super35: on request
  • Video Assist: tbd