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Ecological Responsibility


The passion for innovation and exceptional images is the maxim of P+S Technik, also close to their heart, beside the developement and production of cameras and its equipment, is to keep the production as environmentally sound as possible.

Therefore they decided to produce electricity on their own by installing a photovoltaic site which is loacated on the roof of the company. The Genarator produces 50,25 kW per hour with a capacity of 29661 W and provides the whole company with energy.By using the photovoltaic site, a large part of the CO2-emission can be avoided. Furthermor the entire consumption of energy was diminished for axample by inserting new engines and computers, because they need less electricity at the outset.

  • we are providing our company with solar electricity and supply the redundant energy in the electricity supply network in current
  • the material and oil waste are seperated and entirely recycled
  • our entire print works are printed without straining the environment

Solar Logger

Image of the SolarLog
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