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Rehousing for Leica Summilux-R 80mm, PL-Mount

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Rehousing for Leica Summilux-R 80mm f1.4.

Attention: The Leica lens will be provided by customer.

Leica, Ernst Leitz, Leitz Wetzlar, Leitz Canada

The R lenses were produced under the different names and manufactured at different locations and some have little differences in design. So far we haven’t seen all different versions that might have been produced. But from those versions we have received for rehousing, we were able to implement them into our housing.

Glass Service

By lens rehousing, additional lens services are available to optimize the quality of the optics (polishing, grinding, recoating, or decolorizing).

Focal length

80mm f1.4

Lens Mount

PL (standard)
IMS Interchangeable Mount System

T-Stop 1.5
Angular Rotation of Iris Scale 65°
Angular Rotation to CFD Endstop 250°
CFD (Closest Focusing Distance) 0,6m / 23''
Image circle     43mm
Iris Drive Gear Mod. 0.8
Focus Drive Gear Mod. 0.8
Front Diameter 110mm
Weight 1300g

<li>Leica lens (provided by customer)</li> <li>New housing</li> <li>PL-Mount</li> <li>Front cap dm.110mm</li> <li>PL-mount cap</li>