PS-Rehousing for Canon K35 50mm, PL

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P+S Technik
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  • Cam gear for controlling the focus ring
  • Hard end stops protecting focus and iris mechanics
  • PL-Mount
  • PS-IMS Interchangeable-Mount System

Available in meter or feet

P+S Technik offers the complete rehousing of the Canon K35 lens series.
These rare and attractive (Oscar awarded) lenses that cover “Full Frame” and “RED 8K”.
With the PS-Rehousing, the lenses receive an improved focus and iris mechanisms. The lenses will be mounted into the P+S Technik SL-housing with a front diameter of 110mm. With the SL-housings P+S Technik offers its first rehousing for lenses with floating elements.
The rehoused lenses will be supplied with PL-Mount and meter or feet markings.
Other exchange mounts (Sony-E, Canon-EF, MFT) are available as accessories.
The lens block will be provided by customer. P+S Technik has optional lens servicing available as well.
Canon manufactured the K35 lenses in the 1970's and early 80's. 
The lens speed varies dependent on serial number.
P+S Technik offers rehousing for the different versions.
Canon K35 lenses easily pair well with the Canon FD lenses of 14mm, 100mm, 135mm and 200mm.

Lens Mount
PL Mount


Delivery Content

  • K35 lens (supplied by the customer)
  • New housing with PL-Mount
  • Front cap
  • PL-Mount rear cap

Spare Parts

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