IMS 2.0 BNC-R Mount for ARRI Alexa cameras

completely mechanical lens mount adapter

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  • Ease-of-use change of lens mount
  • Seven different lens mounts available
  • Makes a wide range of lenses available
  • Pre-collimated lens mount
  • Shims available for individual adjustment

IMS 2.0 BNC-R Mount for ARRI Alexa cameras

Note: this mount is ONLY completely mechanically. Electronic lenses can not be controlled with this mount!

All PS-IMS 2.0 are pre-collimated in the factory to zero position for the flange focal distance of the lens mount. Shims for individual adjustment are additionally available.

Interchange Mount System IMS

The P+S TECHNIK Interchangeable Mount System (IMS) consists of an intermediate positive lock mount on camera side and various lens mount adapters. P+S TECHNIK also offers the intermediate mount on camera side as an open standard.

Camera Design

The IMS interface intermediate mount on camera side is available to camera manufacturer's  for integration of the IMS Interchangeable Mount System intp their camera design.

Camera Modell
ARRI Alexa interface
Lens Mount
BNC-R Mount

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