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Macro limiter (macro on off) for PS-Rehoused Cooke Speed Panchro lenses 50mm und 75mm

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The PS-Rehousing for the Cooke Speed Panchro Series II and III offers the popular Macro range feature. To achieve the macro pull out on a short way, the curve of the cam drive is quite steep. As side effect the transition from the "normal range" to the "macro range" is recognizable, especially with the 50mm and 75mm. Some lens control motors are not powerful enough to use the macro range.


Since the macro range in general is very useful, we offer an accessory which allows to activate and deactivate the macro range on the Panchro 50mm and 75mm.

This accessory can be mounted easily by the user.

25/32/35/40/50/75 and 100mm lenses are equipped with an integrated macro range (close focus). For the 50 and 75mm lenses we offer an accessory which allows to the activation and deactivation of the macro range.

Glass Service

We recommend Glass Service (like cleaning, polishing,...) before rehousing your lenses. This Glass Service is not included and will be charged extra.

After inspecting your lenses you will receive a cost estimate for additional Service Work.


Sending Us Your Lenses

Please coordinate with us on sending your lenses.

We strongly recommed shipping with UPS or FEDEX. Using local post service may delay customs clearance and increase costs.

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