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PS-Rehousing for Hasselblad 50mm f4.0 CF/Cfi, PL-Mount

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Rehousing for Hasselblad 50mm f4.0 CF/Cfi, PL-Mount

Attention: The Hasselblad lens will be provided by customer.

Throughout the years Zeiss built several versions of Hasselblad lenses.

If you have a Hasselblad, which is not listed in our recommendation list below, please contact us .

Recommendation List

  • Hasselblad 30 mm, f3.5 CF/CFi
  • Hasselblad 40 mm, f4.0 C
  • Hasselblad 40 mm, f4.0 CF/CFE
  • Hasselblad 50 mm, f2.8 F
  • Hasselblad 50 mm, f4.0 C
  • Hasselblad 50 mm, f4.0 CF/CFi
  • Hasselblad 60 mm, f3.5 C/CF/CFi
  • Hasselblad 80 mm, f2.8 C/CF/CFE
  • Hasselblad 100 mm, f3.5 C/CF/CFi
  • Hasselblad 110 mm, f2 F
  • Hasselblad 120 mm, f4.0 C
  • Hasselblad 120 mm, f4.0 CF/CFE/CFi
  • Hasselblad 150 mm, f2.8 F
  • Hasselblad 150 mm, f4.0 C/CF/CFi
  • Hasselblad 180 mm, f4.0 C/CF/CFE
  • Hasselblad 250 mm, f5.6 C/CF/CFi

Focal length

50mm f4.0

Lens Mount

PL (standard)

T-Stop 4.0
Angular Rotation of Iris Scale ~70°
Angular Rotation to CFD Endstop 340°
CFD (Closest Focusing Distance) 0,28m / 11"
Image circle     60mm +
Iris Drive Gear  
Focus Drive Gear  
Front Diameter 110mm
Weight 2.2kg

<ul> <li>Lens (provided by customer)</li> <li>New housing</li> <li>PL-mount</li> <li>Front cap 110mm</li> <li>PL mount cap</li></ul>