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The company was founded in 1990 by former engineers from ARRI headquarters in Munich. In 1993, P+S TECHNIK entered the international market and has since received a renowned reputation as a competent and professional partner for solutions and products of the highest caliber in the cine world.

Thanks to the close relation with experienced DoPs and our consistent innovative ability, we are pioneers in the field of Digital Cinematography and Stereo 3D technologies. This philosophy led to the development of versatile, reliable and future-proof tools to capture exceptional images.

P+S TECHNIK became generally known for its support of ARRIFLEX products and conversions. Nowadays the company offers a wide range of other products and is especially best known for the award winning P+S TECHNIK image converter MINI35 and PRO35.The image converters represent the fusion of classical 35mm film lenses and digital recording. With the development of these products P+S Technik influenced decisively the progress in the digital film.

In 2000 the SKATER® Mini was born and following the ideas of Director/DoP Sebastian Cramer a whole product family has been continuously developed. The fact that the SKATER® delivers an optimal performance in practice was proven in 2008: The SKATER® Mini and its family of products received the Technical Achievement Award by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Los Angeles.

In 2005 the WEISSCAM HS-1, the first camera of P+S TECHNIK, was developed in cooperation with DoP Stefan Weiss. The digital high speed camera is suitable for extreme slow motion picture in commercial and sport takes.

Two years later P+S TECHNIK launched the SI-2K Digital Cinema Camera, in cooperation with Silicon Imaging.  The SI-2K and SI-3D Camera Systems are full 2K resolution 2/3" CMOS single sensor acquisition for 2D and s3D cinematography.

The new WEISSCAM HS-2 MKII were launched in 2009. It is the only standalone Super35 CMOS sensor multi-purpose high speed camera available in the market.

P+S TECHNIK is also dedicated to advancing 3D stereography for broadcast and cinema together with pioneers in the field. The 3D Stereo Rig product family offers leading mirror rigs to cover the requirements of creatives as well as of producers for different types of productions - a Standard Rig and the Freestyle Rig opening the realms of camera movement for stereography.

Beginning in 2006 P+S TECHNIK began engineering efforts in the challenges and problems of audiovisual archiving of material. Consequently, as a member of the European PrestoSpace project, P+S TECHNIK stepped into the development of the former roroco archive scanner today known as SteadyFrame Universal Format Scanner. By the end 2008, P+S TECHNIK started the production of the SteadyFrame. As a new state-of-the-art digital film scanner for scanning great quantities of 16 mm and 35 mm film stock in short time at a high quality without harming the film material. It also has the capability for other - even exotic - formats.


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