DOP Christophe Nuyens is shooting a series with TECHNOVISION 1.5X Anamorphics

by Martin Freier - 15 Jan, 2020

The Belgian based Cinematographer Christophe Nuyens is currently shooting a series produced through Gaumont in Paris. He is shooting in Full Frame with the TECHNOVISION 1.5X Anamorphics and ARRI Alexa LF and Mini LF.

Christophe Nuyens:

We have the TECHNOVISION 40, 50, 75, 100 and 135mm Prime and the 40-70mm zoom. I was looking for interesting lenses for the show I'm shooting right now and we decided to work with Full Frame anamorphics. That's where it became complicated because at the moment there were not a lot of Full Frame anamorphic lenses. I tested the P+S Technik TECHNOVISION 1.5X Anamorphics and found them to be beautiful. They have a really nice vintage look.

Christophe Nuyens says that the lenses have a little bit of distortion, but they're really beautiful. Especially the 75mm. The thing that's really nice for my project is the squeeze factor of 1.5X, which helps me in the end to have a 2:1 aspect ratio for release. So I'm using almost all of the Alexa LF sensor.

During pre-production, I watched "Apocalypse Now", on which Vittorio Storaro ASC AIC used original 2x squeeze Super35 TECHNOVISION lenses. When I'm shooting now, sometimes I see exactly the same flares. P+S Technik did a really good job recreating the look of the original lenses in these new ones.