• PS-Rehoused Cooke Speed Panchro lensesCooke Speed Panchro lenses
  • IMS lens mount adapterslens mount adapters
  • PS-Rehoused Super Baltar lensesBausch & Lomb Super Baltars
  • PrimeCircle IRND X-FS FiltersPrimeCircle Professional Filters
  • Lockcircle BirdcageFeatherlight modular production system
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Vintage Lens Hot Deals in November

21.11.2014 15:44

We are excited to offer you a variety of used vintage lenses of which most are as good as new or have been recently serviced and some digital cameras.

As you probably know, we offer rehousing and professional lens service. In addition to mechanical lens service, we also offer you additional lens service such as surface polishing or grinding to remove an old coating or light scratches, re-coating, glass cementing and decolorization / tint removal of lens elements.

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BirdCage now available from P+S Technik

14.11.2014 17:28

The BirdCage is an innovative cage design for the latest mirrorless Lumix GH4 and Sony A7 Series cameras with the incredible weight (feather-light!) of 51 grams (1.79 oz.).

BirdCage features exclusive LockCircle “Asymmetrical Cage Design” for right hand grabbing and camera control with original camera ergonomics.

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SKATER Arm now available from P+S

23.10.2014 15:45

The SKATER Arm extends the application possibilities of the Skater Mini dolly significantly: It is vertically and horizontally adjustable and is rotatable in all directions – It allows you to position your camera within a range of approx. 1 meter. On the top of the Skater arm you can directly mount the camera or by connection plates of your choice. On the removable rod you can apply counterbalances like sandbags or other weights. (Weight: 4 kg)

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K-Tek ProShot now available from P+S !

16.10.2014 16:00

ProShot™ - the 4-in-1 camera rig

The K-Tek four-in-one rig that cost-effectively answers the support needs for the feature, reality, documentary, commercial, and action sports videographer. The multifunctional ProShot may be instantly configured into a Shoulder Rig, Monopod, Stabilizer or High-hat, tool free, without removing the camera from the system’s baseplate. Its versatility and functionality offer a wide array of creative uses and set-ups both in studio and on location.

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08.09.2014 14:15

The new PrimeCircle XM (manual focus and manual aperture) cinema lenses are finally on delivery, featuring smooth focus action with calibrated (one to one) focus scales for precise follow-focus work. Designed for filmmakers looking for high quality optics and precise focus scales for serious focus-pulling work! 
Cost-effective lenses! Budget matching the new generation of 4K cameras offering superb optical performances.  

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