SKATER® Levelling Support, 28mm pin incl. guidance rings

for SKATER® dollies

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  • Swift creation of a drive face
  • easy-to-transport
  • variable adjustable

SKATER® Levelling Support

Use the SKATER® Levelling Support to hold and easily level a custom-made tracking board for your SKATER® Camera Dolly and work at any camera height.
The 28mm pin fits directly into standart lighting equipment.
An adjusted levelled height can be fixed with a blocking nut.
Each Levelling Support comes with 2 Guidance Rings to be mounted on the bottom side of your tracking board to keep the board into position.
* To achieve low mounting heights for your Levelling Support the following third party products from Manfrotto and Avenger have been used successfully. (Not part of the SKATER® Mini
Levelling Support). 
Manfrotto/Foot Base small, #299 FBASE, Avenger Steel Extensions C622, C624, C626.

Max. Load50 kg

Delivery Content

  • 1x skater leveling support
  • 2x guidance ring

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