SKATER® Control Unit

for SKATER® Mini Camera Doll and SKATER® Turntable

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  • Convert your SKATER Mini into a motorized dolly
  • Programmable start and stop positions
  • Smooth accelerations and decelerations fully adjustable
  • Needs only seconds to be programmed
  • Can be used as a programmable zoom control
  • Support of P+S Motor, Heden Digital Motor und Arri CLM-2

SKATER Control

incl. Skater Control cable #22100

The SKATER® Control Unit (SCU) is a single axis remote control unit which allows to execute smooth camera moves on your SKATER® Mini Camera Dolly. It can also be used to control a
SKATER® Turntable, the image rotation on the SKATER® Scope or act as a progammable zoom control.
Start and stop positions can be easily stored as well as operating speed and ramps for acceleration and deceleration.
When “Limits on“ is enabled the dolly movement is limited between two predefined positions. With this function you can precisely stop in your final image composition and the dolly will exactly hit its focus mark. The built-in ramp function determines the amount of ease in and ease out on the move to ensure soft starts and stops.
All motion and any change of adjustments is controlled via a large jog wheel. With a Flip Direction (Flip Dir.) switch the orientation of the jog wheel can be altered. A clear multi-colored LED bar indicates the current position of any programmed move.
With a separate “Cam“- button a wide range of cameras can be started and stopped. The input voltage can range from 10 V to 35 V. An internal power booster brings up the voltage to
a value of 26 V to maintain constant performance in case of low input voltage.
When the Zoom Cal. button is pushed, the system checks for mechanical end stops on a zoom lens. In this mode the SKATER® Control Unit will act as a sophisticated programmable
zoom lens control.

NOTE: Usable for Skater Mini, Skater Junior with motor (#21821) or for Skater Turntable (# 23137)

Weight (in gram)700

Delivery Content

  • Skater Control Unit (SCU)
  • connection cable SCU/Motor

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