Schneider Vintage lens set, 18mm -75mm, PL

serviced and rehoused by P+S TECHNIK, available in meter or feet

Item Number / ID
P0007 / 2982
P+S Technik

by arrangement on request

Schneider Vintage lens set  18mm - 75mm

Serviced and rehoused by P+S TECHNIK
PL-Mount; available in meter or feet

  • 18mm/f2.0

  • 28mm/f2.0

  • 35mm/f2.0

  • 40mm/f2.0

  • 50mm/f2.0

  • 75mm/f2.0

Condition:  4 of 5 stars


Warranty: 12 months on mechanical parts

Available within 3 months from receipt of order and down payment

Lens Mount
PL Mount
PSTECHNIK at Cine Gear Expo 2018


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