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Rehousing for Cooke Speed Panchro 40mm, SI/II, PL-Mount

Item number 28578

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Rehousing for Cooke Speed Panchro 40mm T2.0 Ser. 1/2.

Attention: The Cooke lens will be provided by customer.

25/32/35/40/50/75 and 100mm lenses are equipped with an integrated macro range (close focus). For the 50 and 75mm lenses we offer an accessory which allows to the activation and deactivation of the macro range.

Glass Service

We recommend Glass Service (like cleaning, polishing,...) before rehousing your lenses. This Glass Service is not included and will be charged extra.

After inspecting your lenses you will receive a cost estimate for additional Service Work.


Sending Us Your Lenses

Please coordinate with us on sending your lenses.

We strongly recommed shipping with UPS or FEDEX. Using local post service may delay customs clearance and increase costs.

Focal length


Series I/II
Lens Mount

PL (standard)

T-Stop 2.4
Angular Rotation of Iris Scale 60°-90°
Angular Rotation to CFD Endstop 250°
CFD (Closest Focusing Distance) 0,6m / 24''
Image circle     30mm
Iris Drive Gear Mod. 0.8
Focus Drive Gear Mod. 0.8
Front Diameter 80mm
Weight 500g

<ul> <li>Cooke Panchro lens (supplied by the customer)</li> <li>New housing</li> <li>PL-Mount</li> <li>Front cap</li> <li>PL-Mount rear cap</li></ul>