1 Beyond Wrangler™Mini3D HD SDI recorder package

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1 Beyond WranglerMini3D

On-Camera Stereo Direct-to-Disk Recorder & Viewer

Is a ideal on-camera solution for professional shooting in 2D and 3D. The Wrangler Mini3D utilizes a 8 processor design providing the power for DDR features including real-time processing of RAW or HD-SDI inputs, while simultaneously displaying live 2D or 3D to DVI, HDMI or HD-SCI output

Direct recording into useable and editable formats with no extra step
The multible simultanous outputs allow for Broadcast live while recording

  • Rugged Portable Field Proven
  • Dual 3G SDI inputs
  • DVI, HDMI, HD-SDI (4:4:4; 4:2:2) outputs
  • Choice of many recording formats including RAW
  • Built-in 10.4" Touch Screen
  • Replaces View Screen, Camera Set-up Tools

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