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Glass Cementing

Cemented elements of optical systems get damaged as soon as the cement dissolves. This may be caused e.g. by fungal attack. The optical performance of such damaged lens groups is heavily affected. In such cases P+S Technik disassembles the cemented element, removes the cement and re-glues the parts.



Some glasses from the 1950s turned yellow over the years. The yellow tone comes from Thorium glass. Cooke and other lens manufactures were using it till the 1970s. If you have an old lens which has a strong yellow color shift, P+S Technik can fix this problem in many cases, the color will be white again or the yellow tone is strongly reduced.
This may not help forever but certainly for some years - a minimum of 5 years before the lens starts getting yellow again. Most of the lenses we serviced in the past were a duplet, e.g. in a Cooke Panchro 75mm. The decolorizing process is performed with utmost care using a state-of-the-art technique. Possible damages or even the loss of a lens element cannot be covered.


Spare Parts

If the front or rear element of a lens is broken or cannot be refurbished by grinding/polishing, P+S Technik can offer spare glass elements for various vintage lenses.
In many cases we can replace a broken iris. Options and quotation on request.


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