PS-Rehousing for Schneider (35) Cine-Xenon 100mm f2.0, PL, feet

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30397 / 1983
P+S Technik


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  • Cam gear for controlling the focus ring
  • Inside focusing
  • Standard 0.8 gear module on iris- and focus rings
  • Hard end stops protecting focus and iris mechanics
  • Minimal distances of object to front lens
  • 100 mm front diameter for 18mm to 100mm lenses
  • 114 mm front diameter for 20mm lens
  • PL-Mount
  • Fixed intermediate rings from 100mm to 110mm can be ordered
  • Focus marks meter or feet, have to be ordered separately

Available in meter as well

The historical Schneider lenses (vintage lenses) were manufactured for 16mm and 35mm film format. The Schneider optics got different lens mounts, also the optical system has slightly changed over the course of the delivery period.
At present, P+S Technik rehouses 35mm lenses only! P+S Technik rehouses all lenses with ARRI standard mount. (Cinegon and Cine-Xenon). Xenon lenses with other mounts can usually be rehoused as well but these lenses have to be checked for suitability at P+S Technik.

Weight (in gram)2100
DimensionsLength: 180
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