Products OPTICA MAGNUS Full Frame Finder

The new OPTICA MAGNUS Full Frame Finder is a real optical viewfinder system, which is compatible with all sensor formats up to an image diameter of 46,31mm (Super35, FF, VV and LF).
It is ergonomically designed for easy use, light-weight and features a significant bright ground-glass.
You can use the viewfinder for spherical and anamorphic cine lenses - currently supported squeeze factors are 1.5X and 1.9X (1.9X as it is close to 1.8X and 2.0X.
For multifunctional use it is equipped with the P+S Interchangeable Mount System (IMS), which offers up to 10 different lens mount options.
You also have the possibility to use lenses for Super35 by changing the eyepiece.
An outstanding feature is the unique Ground Glass system, which uses Acetate Slides to generate standard and custom frame-lines. (Think of all the different image sensors and aspect ratios.)
How does this work? You create your frame lines with the provided app, print on Acetate Slides and insert it on top of the Ground Glass.

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