Canon FD 20mm f2.8, PL

available in meter or feet

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P+S Technik

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  • Super high-speed Canon FD lenses
  • New housing with cam-controlled focus mechanic
  • Hard end stops protecting focus and iris mechanics
  • PL-Mount, PS-IMS Interchangeable Lens mount optional
  • Front diameter 110mm

Canon FD 20mm f2.8 L, PL,
Vintage lens in new P+S TECHNIK housing,
Used original vintage glass block,
Meter or feet scale,
Warranty: 12 months on housing

Rehousing of Canon FD Lenses

P+S TECHNIK offers a Canon FD rehousing with new focus and iris mechanism. The lenses cover the full frame “VistaVision” format (24x36) and several focal lengths along with the 8K RED format (see also image circle charts). These exceptionally fast lenses with a standard 110mm front diameter after rehousing. The distance between aperture gear ring and focus ring remains the same throughout the entire lens series. In order to reduce the size of the housing, the lenses have different lengths. Canon FD lenses also have a wide range of focal lengths.

Canon FD vs. Canon K35

The lens character of the Canon FD lends itself to work perfectly with the Canon K35 lenses. Over the last years the Canon K35 lenses became very popular as well as very expensive. Often the Canon K35 lenses (18mm, 24mm, 35mm, 55mm, 85mm) are complemented by the Canon FD focal lengths 14mm f2.8, 100mm f2, 135mm f2 and 200mm f2.8. Less known is that the Canon FD lenses are very good and some of them have a very similar optical design and look as the K35. All our Canon FD rehoused lenses are ready for the bigger "full frame" sensor size.

Price for Canon FD

These lenses are still available for reasonable prices. The Canon FD glass costs about 20% of the price for Canon K35 lenses.

Lens Service

Lens service is not included in the rehousing.

P+S Technik offers complete lens service including iris service, cleaning, anti-fungus treatment, polishing, un- and re-coating, etc. 



Sending Us Your Lenses

Please wait for instructions before sending us the lenses to make sure that custums clearance in Germany works smoothly.

We strongly recommed shipping with UPS or FEDEX. Using local post service may delay customs clearance and increase costs.

Lens Mount
PL Mount
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Delivery Content

  • Lens
  • New housing
  • PL-mount
  • Front cap dm. 110mm
  • PL mount cap

Spare Parts

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