Bird Cage PRO-S A7 MK2 TITAN Bundle

Complete with Riser Baseplate, Front plate and Top Grip Handle S

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  • Innovative Asymmetrical Cage Design
  • Right hand camera grabbing and control with original camera ergonomic feeling
  • rock-solid accessories mounting with 100 threads 1/4" and 4 threads 3/8"
  • Top Grip Handle with 23 threads 1/4" and 16 threads 3/8", a 15mm rod can be used inside the Top Handle for accessories
  • LockPort Flex integrated micro to full-size HDMI adapter
  • Meta Block (adjustable) mount for serious Metabones locking to the Baseplate (no bayonet play and heavy-duty mounting)
  • IMS Block (adjustable) mount for P+S Technik Positive-Lock Mounts for cinema style shooting and superior follow focus work
  • Sony E-Mount to PL-Mount, Canon EF-Mount and Nikon F-Mount with exclusive PLS Positive-Locking System (no lens bayonet play)
  • Focal Plain threads for AC measurement

Titanium finished

Weight (in gram)307
DimensionsLength: 115

Delivery Content

    T-Riser Baseplate
    Side plate
    Top plate
    Front plate
    Top Grip Handle S
BirdCage - A7 MarkII IMS Block

MBA7M2-IMS / 2786

BirdCage - A7 MarkII IMS Block

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BirdCage - Focal Plain Pin (tape measurement hook)

BC-FPP / 2847

BirdCage - Focal Plain Pin (tape measurement hook)

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