Optic News 13 - Rehousing KOWA Anamorphic

$BlogAutherNameAnna Piffl on 17.10.2016

Rehousing for KOWA Anamorphic Lenses

The KOWA Anamorphic lenses have been produced until the 1970s.  The KOWA Anamorphic lenses are rare and popular because of their small size and compact form factor. That’s why they are ideal for handheld, Steadicam or drone camera work. They are low in contrast and warm in color and can be made to flare easily. The flare is warmer in color rather than the standard blue anamorphic flare.

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[PS-News] Optic News 9 – P+S Technik announces second Cinemascope Zoom at this year’s CineGear Expo.

$BlogAutherNamez-Alfred Piffl on 06.06.2016

The new 70-200mm anamorphic zoom complements the readily available 35-70mm zoom lens of the Munich-based cine equipment manufacture.

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Visit us at Cine Gear Expo 2016

$BlogAutherNameAnna Piffl on 19.05.2016

On show will be our latest solutions in zoom lenses, lens rehousing for full frame lenses and IMS lens mounts.

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[PS-News] Optic News 8 - Cinemascope Zoom

$BlogAutherNamez-Alfred Piffl on 17.04.2016

Future-proof Cinemascope Zoom for 16:9 Super35 and larger Sensors

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Kish Xpander - summer special

$BlogAutherNameAnna Piffl on 22.07.2015

Large sensor sizes create beautiful images, but they can also pose problems without the 

right equipment. By attaching the Xpander Lens to your cinema lenses, you can now enjoy full scale ability to shoot with large sensors including 6K without compromising focal length capability.

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PS-Hot Deals Mai 15 - Vintage Lens Offer

$BlogAutherNameAnna Piffl on 29.05.2015

we are excited to offer you a variety of used vintage lenses of which most are in good condition or have been recently serviced.

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PS-Zoom 35-70 CS

$BlogAutherNameAnna Piffl on 13.04.2015

We are proud to present the first P+S Technik zoom lens at this year’s NAB Show in Las Vegas: the front anamorphic PS-Zoom 35-70 CS.

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