SKATER® Turntable

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SKATER® Turntable Universal Drehteller

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The SKATER® Turntable is the ideal tool for tabletop photography, miniatures and vfx work.
Once connected to the SKATER® Control (SCU) it becomes a programmable universal turntable device, which can be mounted in any angle your shot requires. It gives you full control over speed, acceleration, deceleration, starting and end point of any rotation. No more tries and errors when your shot requires a perfectly matched angle and a slow stop of the object of your filming.
Once connected to the SKATER® Control the system is immediately ready to use and can be programmed within seconds. The turntable is capable of carrying loads of up to 12 kg (26 lbs). Due to its high end machining the SKATER® Turntable shows no visible backlash in your shot.
The ridged housing as well as the rotator itself are designed with various thru holes to mount the SKATER® Turntable directly onto any board in any angle or to fix a board on the rotator as a turning platform.
An additional mounting set, consisting of a chuck, 2 turntables (30mm/1.2“ and 60mm/2.4“) and two interchangable shafts (35mm/1.4“ and 120mm/4.7“) is available as a P+S TECHNIK accessory for the turntable.


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