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Choose the appropriate LockPort HDMI or USB kit for your setup:

Using your camera with... Canon 5D Canon 5D Mk 2 Canon 5D Mk 3 Canon 7D Nikon D800 / D600
Redrock Micro DSLR baseplate 5 5 contact us 7  
Zaguto Z-Finder   Universal Z 5M3 Z Universal Z 800 Z
None of above   Universal 5M3 Universal 800
USB   USB 5M2 USB 5M3    



P+S TECHNIK - The Professional Cine Equipment Manufacture


We are your Optic Partner for Exceptional Images

We are a Munich-based manufacturer of professional cine equipment. We offer our own, high-quality products and also a professional lens rehousing, anamorphic zoom lenses, interchangeable lens mounts and adapters. With a P+S TECHNIK rehousing, your lens can be used as a modern and professional Cine Lens.

With more than 26 years of experience in the business our employees can assist and help you with their expert skills.

Our Motivation

We have a passion for innovations in the field of Cinematography. We are fascinated by exceptional pictures. With our lenses such as the PS-Zoom 18-35mm, the PS-Zoom 35-70mm and the PS-Zoom 70- 200mm we want to make a contribution to the “world of moving pictures”. Our award-winning products e.g. the Skater Scope, the Skater Dolly, the T-Rex, the digital high-speed camera Weisscam or the Image converter PRO35 do support cinematographers and their crews all over the world.

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