LockPort Universal Upgrade, Buchse (vorne)

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LockPort UNVERSAL Upgrade (Frontbuchse) inkl. HDMI Winkeladapter, Klemmung, Schrauben Hinweis: Upgrade für LockPort UNVERSAL kits, kann einzeln nicht verwendet werden



Lockport Port protection for small digital cameras

The LockPort is a product developed to help avoid damaging your cameras mini/micro HDMI (or USB) camera port.

The LockPort protects definitely the fragile output on your camera from tough production abuse with a rock solid universal clamp and a smart mini/micro to full-size HDMI / USB adapter.

The LockPort camera plate is designed to fit easily every head, base plate, sliding plate, support out there using the original camera screws already there. Ready in 10 seconds!

The LockPort safely secures a 90° HDMI (or USB) adapter, protecting forever the "expensive to repair" small  fragile port on your expensive camera. The adapter has gold plated contacts and the full-size female output allows you to use stronger standard HDMI (or USB) cables, you can purchase everywhere! Standard size plugs locks securely in the socket - no signal loose, and if somebody walks over your cable, the plug still can pop-out saving your camera from falling on the ground.

The LockPort adapters are available in HDMI editions and new DUAL HDMI/USB editions for selected camera models.

Also available as a kit, or sold separately to upgrade the kits or as spare parts!

Adapter toHDMI A


  • HDMI Winkeladapter
  • Klemmung
  • Schrauben
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