We're showcasing at BSC Expo

$BlogAutherNameAnna Piffl Am 29.01.2018

P+S at BSC expo

Put away your winter blues and get excited about cool tech again.

We have some news to share with you...

We are excited to start off 2018 with a prototype of the new 50mm anamorphic prime from the CS lense series. We are inviting you to come and visit us at the BSC expo in London - Booth #130. 

We will have the following products on display:

  • Evolution 2X anamorphic lenses
  • CS 35-70mm 1.5X anamorphic zoom lense
  • CS 50mm 1.5X anamorphic prime lense
  • Lenschecker - mobile lens test projector
  • Well known rehousings of Schneider Cine-Xenon & Leica R lenses
  • Interchangeable Mount System IMS

This year we will be co-exhibiting with cmotion. They will present their new lens control system.

If you don't have the chance to visit us at our booth, we invite you to visit us on Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter and Instagram.

We looking forward to meeting you there and showing you our new products.

Kind regards,

Anna Piffl.

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