[PS-News] Optic News 8 - Cinemascope Zoom

z-Alfred Pifflz-Alfred Piffl Am 17.04.2016

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Future-proof Cinemascope Zoom for 16:9 Super35 and larger Sensors

  • First Cinemascope Zoom designed for sensors larger than Super35.
  • Capture Cinemascope images on a Full Frame sensor.

Cinemascope Zoom at a glance

With the 1.5x anamorphic power of the P+S Technik CS Zoom, you can capture Cinemascope 2.35:1 images with a standard Super35 16:9 and Full Frame 1.5:1 sensor.

  • More control of depth of field
  • More options in Post Production
    Not only do you have more creative choices on set using full frame, it also offers new possibilities at the Postproduction. The combination of a format larger than Super35 and the amount of pixels allows post effects like panning and zoom into the images.
  • Lens with a Character
    The PS-Zoom has some glass elements without anti-reflex coating
  • Ready for UHD CinemaScope
  • The most efficient way to create Cinemascope 2.35:1 pictures on different camera

  Roll out of the PS-Zoom 35-70 CS Cinemascope Zoom
Visit us at NAB 2016 at our booth C8.333 in central hall.
  Make a movie in Cinemascope using camera with 16:9 sensor.
Captured on a Canon C300.
  Lens with a Character, uncoated anamorphic glass
Captured Red 6K.
  Very first light in Full Frame
captured on a Sony A7s.

Lens Test and Rental

Starting from May we have several test and rental units of the PS-Zoom 35-70 CS zoom.
Please get in touch with us by email to sales@pstechnik.de

More Full Frame Cinemascope Zooms coming soon

After developing the first P+S Technik 1.5x front anamorphic lens we are now ready to continue towards a full frame lens series. Next lens …
• CinemaScope Zoom 70-180 UHD (full Frame) - 2016 Q4

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