[PS-News] Optic News 7 – Kinoptik Rehousing

z-Alfred Pifflz-Alfred Piffl Am 18.03.2016

Tags: Rehousing

P+S Technik proudly announce that the rehousing of the well-know KINOPTIK lenses.

The French lens manufacturer Kinoptik started designing and building cine lenses in 1932. From 1944 till the Sixties Kinoptik designed various cine lenses and was strongly anchored in the French market.

PS-rehoused Kinoptiklenses available worldwide to rent at:

Los Angeles CamTec
New York Hand Held Films
Amsterdam Cam-A-Lot
London PixiPixel
Berlin FGV Schmidle
Zagreb Alka Films

Kinoptik lenses with a very individual vintage look in a new, compact housing by P+S Technik.

Key features of the Kinoptik rehousing:

  • Cam driven focus mechanics
  • Internal focussing, no barrel movement
  • Compatible with electronic lens control systems
  • Focus and aperture gear ring mod. 0,8
  • Hard stops protect iris and focus mechanics
  • Focus rings available with meter or feet markings
  • Front lens diameter 100mm/110mm
  • PL-Mount
  • Lightweight



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