Hot Deals - May 2019

Anna PifflAnna Piffl Am 22.05.2019

This month we offer some vintage, stills and rehoused lenses and glass.

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Article no. g31646 Meyer Görlitz, Primoplan 50mm f1.5 Condition: *** of 4 Best offer
Article no. Muk-kit Mukasey Bag + air pump Condition: new EUR 200,00
Article no. LensChecker Used Unit Base-Kit Condition: mint condition EUR 4.999,00
Article no. Used Freestyle 3D rig + accessories Condition: mint condition Best offer


Snorkel lens systems

Article no. UE0172

T-REX SuperScope and BoreScope lens system incl. zoom lenses 5,5-20mm, 17-36mm, 32-70mm, 75-150mm, 18-35mm Canon tilt focus, 20-44mm ball lens, checked by P+S TECHNIK

Condition: excellent Best offer



Article no. g29471 ANGENIEUX 18.5mm f2.2, lens head unserviced Condition: ** of 4 EUR 3.000,00


Bausch & Lomb

Article no. g31922 BAUSCH & LOMB Super Baltar 25mm f2.0, BNCR-Mount, unserviced Condition: glass *** of 4 Best offer
Article no. g32820 BAUSCH & LOMB Super Baltar 50mm, BNCR-Mount, unserviced Condition: glass *** of 4 EUR 6.300,00



Article no. csp-7set COOKE Panchro Ser2/3 Set, PL-Mount incl. 18, 25, 32, 40, 50, 75 serviced and rehoused by P+S TECHNIK Condition: *** of 4 Best offer



Article no. RG31173 LEICA APO-MACRO-ELMARIT-R 100mm f2.8, newly rehoused Condition: mint condition EUR 11.500,00
Article no. RG31338 LEICA-R lens Set, PL-Mount incl. 19 (V2), 24, 35 Summicron, 50 Summicron, 80 Summilux, 135, serviced and rehoused (2017) by P+S TECHNIK   EUR 38.000,00



Article no. UE0167 ZEISS Distagon Arriflex 35mm T1.2, PL-Mount, serviced Condition: *** of 4 EUR 5.900,00
Article no. UE0178 ZEISS Distagon 8mm T2 für 16mm Condition: *** of 4 EUR 1.200,00


All prices are in EURO excl. 19% VAT and shipping costs. Subject to prior sale.

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