DCS 2020 Cinema Technology Spotlight Interview mit Gerhard Baier

$BlogAutherNameAnna Piffl am 22.04.2020

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Rehousing & Service

$BlogAutherNameAnna Piffl am 09.04.2020

Dear P+S Technik customers, partners & colleagues,

We are all facing the COVID-19 global pandemic. Most of all, we sincerely hope that you stay safe and healthy in this challenging situation.

Despite of all this we continue our operations on best efforts. We organized production in shifts now which created a very good occasion for rehousing and service projects.
Let´s use the time we gained!

It could be a suitable time to get your lenses back in shape if they are not renting out currently. Contact us at sales@pstechnik.de for scheduling, terms and conditions. We are all in one boat. Let´s make the best out of it!

Your P+S Team


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COVID-19 Information

$BlogAutherNameAnna Piffl am 24.03.2020

Dear friends,
“Stay healthy” has taken over, becoming the most common greetings since recently the coronavirus (COVID-19) puts our life somehow on hold and impacts our industry!
Herewith we would like to share news with you on our status and activities.
With all our well-prepared precautions, we assure you that our production, service and business hours are going on as usual to our best effort.
It remains our top priority that each one of our employees, their families, our customers, partners and friends stay healthy and safe.
We offered and implemented home office solutions where possible for our staff members to meet all the obligations for our daily business.
Our set-up and ongoing work makes it possible that you can always find and contact us! In this way we can also maintain our focus on quality and timely response and support you the best we can in this challenging time.
We thank you for understanding.
Let´s be proactive, be positive! Let’s stay strong and continue to work together to keep this Coronavirus pandemic at bay.

Be safe and stay tuned for our regular updates!


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DOP Christophe Nuyens is shooting a series with TECHNOVISION 1.5X Anamorphics

$BlogAutherNameAnna Piffl am 15.01.2020

The Belgian based Cinematographer Christophe Nuyens is currently shooting a series produced through Gaumont in Paris. He is shooting in Full Frame with the TECHNOVISION 1.5X Anamorphics and ARRI Alexa LF and Mini LF.

Christophe Nuyens:

We have the TECHNOVISION 40, 50, 75, 100 and 135mm Prime and the 40-70mm zoom. I was looking for interesting lenses for the show I'm shooting right now and we decided to work with Full Frame anamorphics. That's where it became complicated because at the moment there were not a lot of Full Frame anamorphic lenses. I tested the P+S Technik TECHNOVISION 1.5X Anamorphics and found them to be beautiful. They have a really nice vintage look.

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Niederländischer Film 'Parallel' mit Evolution 2X gedreht

$BlogAutherNameAnna Piffl am 13.11.2019

Der Film ist eine Mischung aus einer Dokumentation und einem Tanzfilm, der die Zuschauer auf eine Phantasiereise mitnimmt.

Die Hauptfigur ist die Achtzigjährige Ruth, eine ehemalige Tänzerin. Zusammen mit ihr und einer großartigen Auswahl an Choreografen, Tänzern und Künstlern erlebt man den Prozess der Imagination.

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Dufour Yacht movie shot with P+S TECHNIK zoom CS 35-70mm

$BlogAutherNameTobias Velten am 19.09.2019

French DoP Julien Jauffret shot a Dufour Yacht movie with the CS 35-70mm:

My experience with the CS 35-70mm was truly amazing! I really enjoyed the soft and warm look she has, so as the warm Si-Fy flare and side rainbow you can have when you play with the sun! In many of my films, I'm looking for an organic look that is not too clinical or to cold. I like this feature in a lens, having some distortions that reminds the human eye. The 35-70 CS was really good for that!

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Netflix series "Messiah" shot on rehoused P+S TECHNIK Kowa lenses

$BlogAutherNameAnna Piffl am 17.09.2019

We are proud to announce that the new Netflix series MESSIAH was shot on the rehoused P+S TECHNIK Kowa lenses.

Danny Ruhlmann, DoP:

I loved these lenses, they were perfect for our production. The look helped create an image that was beautiful but with some of the anamorphic imperfections that suited the charactersof this production. The smaller size was an important consideration as a lot of the show was filmed using hand held cameras. The rehoused lenses are user friendly, helping the 1st AC with lens changes and building the camera more efficiently.

Many thanks to Danny Ruhlmann for sharing this feedback and pictures with us!

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New products at Cine Gear EXPO 2019

$BlogAutherNameAnna Piffl am 28.05.2019



We are thrilled to present two new primes of our TECHNOVISION Classic 1.5X anamorphic lens series: The 75mm and 100mm primes are now ready to get into your hands.

We show our Evolution 2X lenses, especially the new 32mm, our award winning LensChecker (a small, compact and mobile tool to evaluate lenses by projection) as well as our lens rehousings, mounts and adapters.

Get to know us and our products at the Cine Gear EXPO 2019 and visit our booth no. 83 in the New York Streets outdoor exhibition.
We look forward to talking to you in LA!

New products at Cine Gear EXPO 2019

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Hot Deals - May 2019

$BlogAutherNameAnna Piffl am 22.05.2019

This month we offer some vintage, stills and rehoused lenses and glass.

You cannot find what you are looking for?

Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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Actionfilm "WOLF HOUND" mit Evolution 2X gedreht

$BlogAutherNameTobias Velten am 11.03.2019

Michael B. Chait, Regisseur:

„Ich bin total begeistert, dass wir den Großteil von ‚WOLF HOUND‘ mit den Evolution 2X Objektiven von P+S TECHNIK filmen konnten. Sie haben es ermöglicht, dass wir noch mehr Leidenschaft, Seele und Kunstfertigkeit auf der Leinwand rüberbringen können. Für mich als Regisseur ging ein Traum in Erfüllung, denn ich konnte meinen ersten Kinofilm im echten, klassischen anamorphotischen Breitwandformat drehen!“

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