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Anna PifflAnna Piffl on 16.07.2015

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We proudly presented the new spherical, short PS-Zoom 18-35 at NAB 2015.
The first PS Zooms 18-35 are delivered end of this month. We now accept pre-orders for the September and October batch.

Ultra Light Action Zoom

The spherical 18 - 35 mm high-speed zoom lens is designed for heavy use on everyday production, but at the same time an ultra lightweight design was a major goal in development.


  • Ultra lightweight design, approx. 1.100 grams
  • High-speed, T 2.0 through out focal length range
  • Super 35 coverage, image diagonal 30 mm
  • No focus shift while changing focal length
  • Reliable cam driven focus mechanics with hard stops
  • Robust cine-style housing
  • Interchangeable mount kits available
  • Metric and imperial focus scales
  • Zoom pin thread M4
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Wether shooting commercial, documentary or feature film in Super 35 format, working at pace is part of the production workflow today. This spherical PS-Zoom lays the focal range from 18 mm to 35 mm at your finger tips, without changing lens


Smaller cameras and lightweight stabilizing solutions require as well lighter lenses. The PS-Zoom 18-35 is a flyweight of 1.100 gr / 2.43 lbs.


With its precise image and mechanics of the PS-Zoom 18-35 is predestined for 3D stereo production or double cameras setups for parallel recording of still and motion picture with a beam splitter rig in zero position.


Brilliant, high-speed optics (Sigma 18-35mm/f1.8) in a robust cine-style housing with reliable cam-driven focus mechanics as well as interchangeable mounts and focus rings make this zoom lens a future-proof investment in times of ever changing camera models


Based on the PS-IMS system, interchange mounts (PL, EF, E and MFT) are available for the PS-Zoom lenses. Metric and imperial focus scales are available and can be exchanged easily.

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  • Trolley transport case, high-quality PP, airplane cabin allowed
  • Carry-on aluminium transport case
  • Interchangeable mount sets: PL, EF, E and MFT
  • Interchangeable focus rings: metric and imperial
  • Zoom pins
  • Putora lens test charts


The PS-Zoom 18-35 is available directly from P+S Technik or through selected P+S Technik resellers.

The first PS Zooms 18-35 are delivered end of this month. We now accept pre-orders for the September and October batch.

For more information visit our website or contact our Munich office by email to or call +49 / (0)89 / 45 09 82-30

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