[PS-News] Cage 6300NY by LockCircle

Anna PifflAnna Piffl on 16.07.2016

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New LockCircle Cinematic Production Cage 6300NY for Sony a6300 4K cameras!

The new Cage 6300NY by LockCircle is designed to fit like a glove around the incredible compact Sony a6300 4K camera featuring the exclusive LockCircle “Asymmetrical Design Approach” for right hand camera grabbing/control with the original camera ergonomic feeling.

Several threads 1/4”-20 (105!) and 3/8” (4) are available for multi accessories and camera grip professional heavy-duty mounting: ready for shooting serious stuff!

The 6300NY cage integrates the MicroPort micro HDMI / USB connectors locking, and the popular LockPort Flex (micro to full-size HDMI output), used on the Birdcage A7 and A7M2 for serious protection when shooting in rough production enviroments.

No camera port damage anymore!

The 6300NY cage baseplate has a Meta-Block mount for Metabones and IMS-Block for IMS-Mounts for monolithic locking, designed to reach great follow-focus work with no annoying mechanical plays of the bayonet.

IMS mounts are available for E-MOUNT to Canon EF/Nikon F (exclusive positive-lock), PL-Mount,Panavision, BNCR, Leica R and Leica M, others mounts coming soon.

Original camera flash (the popping-out flash) works with the 6300NY cage without limitations, and vertical camera mounting is available.

Totally secure camera baseplate mounting with a 1/4"-20 and 3/8” threads (titaniun camera screw supplied) are available for camera-car, drones, gimbals or any heavy duty mounting.

The LockCircle 6300NY cage is incredible leightweight (200gr- 7 o.z.), and has several threads to mount the (AC) tape measurement hook!

Just thinking this incredible camera used in serious film productions.

LockCircle 6300NY highlights:

  • Asymmetrical cage design
  • Right hand camera grabbing/control with original Sony ergonomics
  • Birdcage Top Grip handle and Boombooster compatible accessories
  • CNC machind from billet aluminum
  • Genuine titanium screws
  • MicroPort and LockPort Flex HDMI/USB port savers
  • Meta-Block mount (adjustable) for Metabones monolithic mounting
  • IMS-Block for IMS- Mounts for serious cinematographers needs
  • Several IMS Professional lens mounts available
  • Focal Plain thread for AC measurement hook
  • Designed by cinematographers and manufactured in Italy

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