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P+S Technik vist us at IBS 2016 booth 12.B12 in Amsterdam

New products at IBC 2016- Visit us in Amsterdam!

Take the chance and meet us personally at IBC 2016 in Amsterdam and find out more about our latest products and services. We are excited to explain our products, discuss your ideas and needs and look for solutions together with you.

On site at IBC at booth no. 12.B12, will be:

  • Anna Piffl, Sales
  • Andreas Dasser, Research & Development
We offer a 5% trade-fair-discount on every order placed at our booth for Skater Dollies or Skater Dolly accessories.

Lenses with Character

NEW: Lens rehousing for Kowa Anamorphic and Lomo lenses

  • Zoom lenses
    • anamorphic UHD zoom lens series
    • lightweight cine action zoom lens
  • Lens Rehousing for
    • Angenieux
    • Bausch & Lomb (Super) Baltar
    • Canon K-35 and FD
    • Cooke Panchro and Tele
    • Kinoptik
    • Kowa Anamorphic
    • Leica-R
    • Lomo Spherical and Anamorphic
    • Meyer-Görlitz
    • Schneider (35) Cinegon and (Cine) Xenon
  • Complete rehoused lenses
  • Skater Scope, the most compact snorkel lens system


PS-Zoom 35-70 CS in action for Vodafone

P+S Technik PS-Zoom 35mm-70mm cinemascope zoom in action for vodafone


Lens Mounts and Accessories

NEW: CP.1 lens mount conversion to allow Interchangeable Lens Mounts

  • IMS Interchangeable lens mounts for all P+S TECHNIK lenses and lens rehousings
  • IMS mounts for ARRI or RED cameras as well as Chrosziel collimators
  • IMS mount adapters for Sony, Panasonic and more cameras, Cooke or GeckoCam lens projectors and LumaCom or GeckoCam collimators
  • Various solutions for gear rings and PL mount conversions

Lens Service

NEW: Lens element spare parts for Kowa Anamorphic lenses and selected vintage lenses

  • Polishing and re-coating for single lens elements
  • General lens service for cine lenses

More Tools for Exceptional Images

  • StarKish Ultimate Director’s Finder and Xpander lens
  • LockCircle production camera cages and support accessories
  • NiceDice award winning camera accessory mounting solution
  • LensGear gear rings
  • Skater Dollies and accessories
  • Freestyle Rig stereo 3D rig
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Anna Piffl

Visit us at our booth 12.B12
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