P+S- IMS Mount Conversion Kit for Zeiss CP.1

Anna PifflAnna Piffl on 02.09.2016

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P+S TECHNIK IMS Mounts Zeiss CP.1, Canon EF MOunt, E-Mount MFT-Mount, collimators, Interchangeable Mount System


The series 1 Zeiss Compact Prime lenses were not compatible with the Zeiss IMS mounts for the CP.2. Till today, the change of the lens mount was impossible.

New opportunities - PS-IMS Conversion Kit for Zeiss Compact Prime CP.1 Lenses

IMS Zeiss CP.1 Lens Mount

P+S TECHNIK modifies the lens-block of the Zeiss CP.1 lens. Doing so, allows the use of the P+S TECHNIK IMS lens mount system. The lens has to be re-worked at P+S TECHNIK. Afterwards you can change your PL-Mount to an IMS Canon EF-Mount, an IMS Sony E-Mount or an IMS MFT Mount and back. Your original PL-Mount can be used as well. All mounts can be professionally shimmed e.g. with a collimator.

How does this work?

  1. Order the PS-IMS Conversion Kit for your Zeiss Compact Prime CP.1 lens and a new lens cone fitting the focal length
  2. Ship your Zeiss CP.1 to us
  3. Let P+S TECHNIK re-work your lens to the new system
  4. After the conversion you can order your new exchange mount in our online shop
  5. Ready to go! With your new Interchangeable Mount System for your Zeiss CP.1
Order all in one package and feel happy with your new opportunities.
Buy Order now the IMS Zeiss CP1 Compact Prime Conversion Kit with EF-Mount, E-Mount, MFT-Mount

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