Live Control for Broadcast application

Anna PifflAnna Piffl on 01.01.2013

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In addition to the wireless rig control with lens control systems for interaxial and convergence P+S Technik is offers a live control solution utilizing the 3D-live image processor Sony MPE-200 and the Sony S3D-multiplexer HDFA-200. Especially for live transmissions and broadcasting the automated and real time control adds a high value:

  • Everything in one place: Stable rig control from the OB-van/vision control
  • Only one (!) cable to the camera position (minimum wiring)
  • 100% stable data connection to the rig
  • As compact and lightweight as a 2D-setup
  • Very low, no occlusion of audience
  • Can go on a regular/small tripod
  • Optimized for a very quick setup

That's how it works:

  • The Motors (convergence and interaxial) of the PS-Freestyle Rig are connected to a Cmotion Camin.
  • The HDFA-200 multiplexer box is compactly built under the PS-Freestyle Rig setup. The whole setup is totally balanced and can go on a regular (250) tripod.
  • The Camin of the PS-Freestyle Rig , 2x synchronized broadcast zoom-lenses, video signals, genlock, return and power are connected to the Sony HDFA-200.
  • Only one hybrid-fiber cable goes from rig to OB-Van/vision control. No power cable or wireless connection necessary.
  • In the OB-Van/control room everything can be controlled through the CCU and MPE-200. The stereoscopic rig-parameters as well as the initial calibration can be handled with the MPE-200.

The compact 3D broadcast live control integration works perfectly with the PS-Freestyle rig, but also with the PS-Standard rig when using a Cmotion camin and compatible motors.

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