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Anna PifflAnna Piffl on 16.10.2014

ProShot™ - the 4-in-1 camera rig

The K-Tek four-in-one rig that cost-effectively answers the support needs for the feature, reality, documentary, commercial, and action sports videographer. The multifunctional ProShot may be instantly configured into a Shoulder Rig, Monopod, Stabilizer or High-hat, tool free, without removing the camera from the system’s baseplate. Its versatility and functionality offer a wide array of creative uses and set-ups both in studio and on location.

Ideal for digital camera setups weighing up to 9 kg, the ProShot has a steadying ballast weight to offset larger loads. At the heart of the patent pending system is the integral 1.7kg hexweight that is positioned in a variety of configurations to provide just the right amount of mass to balance the camera package. Changing from one mode to the next is quick and intuitive.

ProShot Title

Highlights of the ProShot:

  • Most versatile 4-in-1 camera rig
  • Mono pod (140 cm)
  • Stabilizer with integrated hex-weight
  • High-Hat
  • Shoulder Support
  • Handle 360° adjustable
  • Weight: 2.9 kg
  • Max. pay load: 9 kg

Shoulder RigIn Shoulder Rig mode, the system is in its most compact configuration. ProShot’s thickly padded neoprene cushion is positioned on the shoulder, the Hexweight is positioned behind the user to optimize the camera balance, and the camera can be moved forward and back along the shoulder or by extending the telescoping tubes. At the front, a set of Motocross handgrips ensures a solid and comfortable grip.
MonopodProShot can transform into a smartly weighted 1.46m tall Monopod in seconds without tools. The camera is adjusted via the system’s swivel/tilt head, the five telescoping sections are extended, and the Hexweight becomes a weighted foot. The Monopod’s height can be adjusted with the simple K-Tek clamping system and the weighted foot gives the monopod a stable base without the top heaviness of traditional monopods.
In closed position ProShot becomes a handy High-hat by simply setting it down on its weighted base and front handgrips. The camera position can be optimized by adjusting the swivel / tilt head and telescoping tubes.
StabilizerFor moving or gliding shots, ProShot quickly achieves its Stabilizer Mode by holding the rig vertically and adjusting the swivel/tilt head to level out the camera. The ProShot handles can easily unlock and lock into different positions around the rig. In this mode the handgrips are horizontal and guide the camera rig as the Hexweight below helps smooth the camera’s motion.

While rugged enough for no fuss work in damp conditions or rough terrain, this water resistant support is also compact and lightweight (6.5-lbs/2.9-kg including Hexweight) for easy transport. 

Each ProShot comes with K-Tek’s own swivel/tilt monopod head (attached with a 3/8” screw) and removable quick release baseplate. To insure compatibility with all industry standard
                                           camcorders and DSLRs a ¼” and a 3/8” camera screw is included.


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