NEW LOCKPORT 5DM4 DUAL HDMI/USB 3.0 for Canon 5D Mark IV by LockCircle

$BlogAutherNameAnna Piffl on 15.03.2017

The LockPort 5DM4 DUAL is a new product developed to help avoid damaging your Canon 5D Mark IV mini HDMI and micro USB 3.0 camera ports!  Highly requested from the photo/filmmaking professionals, now available for delivery!

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Check your lenses with the LensChecker

$BlogAutherNameAnna Piffl on 09.03.2017

PS LensChecker mobile Lens evaluiation

The mobile LensChecker

Designed to fit in a trolley case for easy transportation the LensChecker is still offering the maximum options for lens evaluation of cine, stills and vintage lenses, up to full frame format (Image Circle).

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P+S TECHNIK at BSC 2017 booth no.130

$BlogAutherNameAnna Piffl on 26.01.2017

P+S Technik at BSC Show 2017, booth 130

New products at BSC 2017-Visit us in London!

Now is your first chance to meet us personally at the BSC 2017 in London. Take it and find out more about our latest innovations, well-established products and all-inclusive service.

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Rehousing Leica Apo Summicron-R 180mm

$BlogAutherNameAnna Piffl on 09.11.2016

P+S Technik now offers the rehousing of Leica-Summicron-R 180mm

Rehousing for Leica Lenses ...

P+S TECHNIK offers the rehousing of Leica still photography lenses with a completely new focus- and iris mechanism in the P+S TECHNIK SL housing (ø110mm). The lenses cover Full Frame “VistaVision” format (24x36) and several focal lengths even cover RED 8K format (see also Image Circle Charts).

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The new MetalJacket for Leica SL

$BlogAutherNameAnna Piffl on 27.10.2016

The MetalJacket c age By LockCircle for the Leica SL creates due to numerous features the feeling for a professional camera and enhances the cinematic feeling when shooting motion pictures.

The new MetalJacket by LockCircle is a must for every Leica SL (Type 601) owner.

The MetalJacket camera cage by LockCircle enhances the feeling to hold a professional camera in your hands not least due to the numerous...

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Optic News 13 - Rehousing KOWA Anamorphic

$BlogAutherNameAnna Piffl on 17.10.2016

Rehousing for KOWA Anamorphic Lenses

The KOWA Anamorphic lenses have been produced until the 1970s.  The KOWA Anamorphic lenses are rare and popular because of their small size and compact form factor. That’s why they are ideal for handheld, Steadicam or drone camera work. They are low in contrast and warm in color and can be made to flare easily. The flare is warmer in color rather than the standard blue anamorphic flare.

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Expands your view - the Kish Xpander lens

$BlogAutherNameAnna Piffl on 11.10.2016

Kish Xpander. The Expander for Zoom lenses

The Kish Xpander - Save your investment in zoom lenses

Large sensor sizes create beautiful images, but they can also pose problems without the right equipment. By attaching the Xpander Lens to your (Super)35 mm Cinema Zoom Lenses, you can now enjoy full scale ability to shoot with large sensors including 6K without compromising focal length capability.

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$BlogAutherNameAnna Piffl on 05.09.2016

P+S Technik vist us at IBS 2016 booth 12.B12 in Amsterdam

New products at IBC 2016- Visit us in Amsterdam!

Take the chance and meet us personally at IBC 2016 in Amsterdam and find out more about our latest products and services. We are excited to explain our products, discuss your ideas and needs and look for solutions together with you.

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P+S- IMS Mount Conversion Kit for Zeiss CP.1

$BlogAutherNameAnna Piffl on 02.09.2016

P+S TECHNIK IMS Mounts Zeiss CP.1, Canon EF MOunt, E-Mount MFT-Mount, collimators, Interchangeable Mount System


The series 1 Zeiss Compact Prime lenses were not compatible with the Zeiss IMS mounts for the CP.2. Till today, the change of the lens mount was impossible.

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Optic News 12 - PS-Zoom 35-70 CS

$BlogAutherNameAnna Piffl on 25.08.2016

PS-Zoom 35-70 CS, 35-70mm Zoom, cinemascope, Full-Frame, t3.2


Since the product launch P+S Technik is proud of its lens with character.

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