About us

Who we are and what we do


A passion for innovation and exceptional pictures - that's the mission of P+S TECHNIK, Munich-based manufacturer of high-end professional cine equipment and optics.

The Technovision Classics and the Evolution 2X anamorphic lens series are developed with the creative and ambitious cinematographer in mind (who is focused on exceptional images).

P+S TECHNIK offers the widest range of lens rehousing for vintage and full format lenses and is an expert for lens restauration, lens service and spare parts.

Specialized lens systems, optical adapters and interchangeable lens mounts solutions round off the portfolio in optics.

Some of award-winning P+S TECHNIK products: Skater Scope, Skater Mini dolly, T-Rex, SI-2K, Weisscam, Pro35.




Selection of lately announced products


  • TECHNOVISION Classic lens series – cinematic anamorphic lenses for larger formats
    announced at CineGear Expo 2018, shipping starts 2018
  • Evolution 2X anamorphic lenses – matching KOWA Anamorphics Announced at NAB 2017, shipping since September 2017, about a hundred lenses out there and more are coming very month
  • Macro Lens Rehousing - Rehousing for Leica APO-Elmarit-R Macro 100mm
    shipping since NAB 2018
  • LensChecker – the original portable lens test projector
    developed in cooperation with Starkish Hollywood, manufactured in Munich, GER
    announced at cinec 2016, shipping since Feb. 2017

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