Free your creativity with this compact, flexible and mobile digital highspeed system.

The goal in developing this new digital highspeed system was to offer a compact, flexible, mobile and reliable digital highspeed system, which is proofed under various project requirements.

Whether you shoot commercial table tops, music clips, action sports, documentaries, scientific reports, the HS-1 offers you the freedom to choose the image format and the framerate as you want. You can even change the frame rate during recording for live ramping.


Two unit system with all essential parts integrated
State-of-the-art design and durable materials used


Variable format, frame rate and shutter speed, choose as required for the project
Live ramping allows you to change frame rate also during recording
Can be integrated in all film and video environments
Interchangeable lens mounts make a wide range of optics available


Easy and fast setup of two compact units
Immediate playback allows you to check results on set


Durable design and materials used
On set proofed in various commercials and television projects
Stefan Weiss

After working with almost every digital highspeed camera for more than three years on various film and TV projects, I realised that customers have very different needs. A flexible digital highspeed system is essential. That was the starting point for developing the WEISSCAM highspeed cameras and products.
Stefan Weiss, DoP & Managing Director of WEISSCAM


After Stefan Weiss showed us his digital highspeed system, we were convinced, that the compactness, mobility and flexibility of the HS-1 will meet our customers needs. The cooperation with DoP Stefan Weiss will keep this product always a state of the art product and gives us the possiblility to develop and manufacture digital highspeed products in the future.
Alfred Piffl, Managing Director of P+S TECHNIK


The HS-1 camera body is designed as a combination of the classic form of a 2/3” video camera and the clarity of a film camera body. P+S Technik’s interchangeable mount is integrated to make available the maximum range of lenses designed for 35mm format - motion or still photography. You can choose any frame size to fully utilise the camera’s memory. Frame rates up to 1000 fps are possible. Maximum resolution of the HS-1 model is 1280 x 1024 pixel.

  Hand Unit
Handunit With this first Hand Unit for a digital highspeed camera most important recording features of the camera can be remote controlled: START/STOP, frame rate adjustment, frame rate ramp settings, frame rate jumps. The ergonomic design allows comfortable one hand use to start and stop recording. With the well fitted hand wheel the frame rate can be changed smoothly while recording.

  Control Unit
controlunit The HS-1 Control Unit is a complete, portable power PC with the newest dual core processor technology. The unit comes with 500 GB internal disc space (which can be expanded), a removable S-ATA hard disk drive for easy data exchange, an integrated monitor and a water proof keyboard. The software offers extensive features for image control, color correction, frame size adjustments and shutter control.
HS-1 Camera

1280 x 1024 pixel

Frame Rates

Up to 1.150 fps  720 x   576 pixel SD PAL (4:3)

Frame Rates

Up to  950 fps 1280 x  720 pixel HD 720p (16:9)

Frame Rates

Up to  650 fps 1280 x 1024 pixel with maximum resolution


160 ASA

Dynamic Range bit color depth, 10 bit DPX, 10 bit monochrome
CMOS Imager

15 x 12 mm (0.591 x 0.472 inch), progressive scan

Internal Memory


Lens Mount

Interchangeable: Arri PL, Panavision, Nikon, Canon EF and BNC-R


PAL or NTSC ( not switchable )

Hand Unit

Control START / STOP of camera, smooth live ramping and jump ramps

DC Out

12 V DC out, Hirose 4 pol


12 V DC in, XLR 4 pol

Video Out

Composite for external monitors

Data Transfer

Firewire or Fibre glass (FOL)

Power Consumption

12 V


381 x 237 x 162 mm / 15 x 9,3 x 6,4 inch

Weight 6 kg / 13.2 lb.
Control Unit
Operating System Windows XP Professional
Processor Intel Dual Core 3,0 GHz
Disc Space Ex works 2 x 250 GB S-ATA HDDs
Removable Hard Drive 250 GB S-ATA HDD
Display 1024 x 768 pixel, 38 cm / 15 inch diagonal, contrast ratio 400 : 1
Monitor Connectors 2 x Composite, 2 x Component
Power Consumption 90 - 230 V
Dimensions 420 x 280 x 230 mm / 16,5 x 11 x 9,1 inch
Weight 16,5 kg / 36.4 lb.
Output Formats 8 bit tiff uncompressed, avi, 10 bit DPX*, create MPEG files for proxys
Image Format Any image format from 10 x 1 pixel to 1280 x 1024
Color algorithm Different algorithms available, smooth and crisp image rendering
Shutter From 1/ fps to 1/100.000 fps, independent from frame rate
Image Control Separate control of gamma and RGB curves
Live Picture Control framing during recording on all connected monitors
Instant Playback View your shot in realtime right after downloading from camera

* higher speed rate requires lower resolution

More information

The digital highspeed system HS-1 is developed by Stefan Weiss and manufactured by P+S TECHNIK. The distribution of the HS-1 is exclusively done by P+S Technik